What’s up beauties? I am back! You all must know by now how much I am into traveling and creating new looks accordingly.
I am all about exploring new locations and experiencing breathtaking views and sceneries. Living the way the natives of that particular locality, you will be able to connect more to them and to that respective place as well.

Recently while I was on a world tour I went to this mesmerizing place located in Cairo, Egypt. Glanced at these mind-boggling sculptures there and became a fan of it. While flying to Egypt I beforehand got myself dresses that will aid me in camouflaging with the landscape. So I wore this colorful, sophisticated dress from Revolve,

These dresses are so flowy and manageable that one can wander around and will not experience any hindrance because of the attire on your trip.
I bought this particular dress from Revolve but there are several more options you will find in similar and different fabrics, styles, patterns, and designs at Revolve. and Lulus. But you should always consider the culture and landscape while choosing the outfits for the trip. It Is essential to carry selective makeup products that are handy and travel friendly that would work for all kinds of makeup looks you want to recreate. Do share it with me by tagging in your posts while portraying this look. Stay tuned and PEACE OUT!

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