Hi peeps it’s me, Kelley David, I am here to your rescue. Any fashion blunder or flaw will be prevented by me. I live in Birmingham in the United Kingdom with my big family. Other than fashion, fitness, and lifestyle, I am mostly interested in traveling.

I am a gym enthusiast and love to shop for workwear. I love to spend my vacations traveling and dressing up for parties. When I am doing nothing I like to write blogs about new fashion trends and suggest gym outfits. When I am stressed about something I usually meditate.

Every time I go out with my friends it’s a must that I share my outfit with you guys. I usually love to buy sundresses, bikinis, and sunglasses. I also love to share my daily life with you and keep you updated with every small detail of my life. Fashion sometimes becomes boring but I am here to make it thrilling. Beauty is something engraved in you and you need to embrace it. Until then sayonara !!!!!!!!!!!