My Everyday No makeup Look

Hello girls, here I am with a new beauty blog, I am thrilled to share useful clues about the no-makeup look. I had to do no makeup look on a beach to feel light.

I got my no-makeup-look products from Sephora, first of all, this look is all about glowing, natural skin, so u can apply a hydrating mask.

Then I used a defy face primer, next step is to use light coverage, I used Nar’s light-reflecting foundation. Then I applied an NYX concealer to remove my blemishes.

Then I added a cream blush to my side cheeks and on top of my nose. Now it’s time to focus on your eyes and apply mascara
and eyeliner, the line should be very thin. I used Lancôme mascara.If you brush your brows that would add elegancy, I used a brow gel to enhance my brows, it was of Refy I am so glad that these all divine makeup brands are available on Sephora.

Now it’s time for the major part which is the lips, I applied a lip balm that looked natural as well as plumpy. You could also use a lash curler that will make your eyelashes more prominent. I got the eyelash curler from Sephora. My flawless no makeup look was perfect according to the beach.

No makeup look on a beach So this was my no-makeup look, I hope u girls like it and will stay with me for more looks.

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