Are guys too into home décor just like me? I love rearranging my home and not only rearranging but adding in new things every year!
I had my vacation so was researching and scrolling through my Instagram about home décor as I was planning for a while to change my room.

Remember one thing before you all change your living space and upgrade it always set it according to your taste and according to your choice! As when you add things that you love your home will look 10 times more beautiful!

If you are into dark themes then go for the dark themes but I would suggest you not go for an entire dark theme as it will make your home look too small and it will look congested. Color plays a big role in your mood so make sure to balance color. If you want to choose a dark color then try adjusting light colors somewhere such as adding it to bed sheets, tables or blinds, or anywhere of your choice!
Today’s blog is all about dark themes!
All products are from WAYFAIR!
Suppose you have chosen Army green color or any dark color then add a wall hanging which is not too dark and contrasts with the wall shades

Add rugs of soft colors and not dark rugs. Giving you examples from the following rugs:

Cambrie Oriental Gray Area Rug is going to set perfectly with your dark walls!

A few more rugs option for you all:

Check on them for more rugs!

Gold frames with a dark theme can never go wrong trust me!
These are a few options from the gold mirror range

There are many other options to shop the gold mirror from!

Remember curtain plays a great role to give your room a finishing and endless look!
These are a few curtain options to choose from for your dark room!
Basic curtains add magic to your room.
This blackout curtain is the best for sure but you can check on more too!

Check it for more curtain inspiration:

There are endless options to shop from and you will love all at WAYFAIR! This is enough for today I will come back with more ideas and inspiration in my next blog.

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