Cute Easy Makeup Looks For Beginners

Hey guys, I am sharing a quick, cute, easy makeup look. It is an everyday wearable look.
I started my makeup using a lightly tinted moisturizer. It will help you to create a seamless base look.

Follow up with a natural pink blush shade. I applied it onto my nose and cheeks; got that sun-kissed, rosy, and plumped skin.

I used a neutral color eye shadow to brighten my eyes. It helps to give a slight definition to my eyes and also softens my overall makeup look.

I am using volumizing mascara to lengthen my eyelashes.

I use a brow pencil to complete my eye look to add some shape to my brows as well. Most people forget/skip it, but let me tell you, it’s equally needed.

Furthermore, adding a little tint to my lips compliments my entire look and enhances the color of my cheeks. Basically, I tried using a similar lighter shade for my lips, in comparison to the blush, to get that natural blushed finish.
Since I picked a very light pink shade for my blush, I used a lip tint for my lips.

Lastly, a pro tip, go for tint shades. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone for your bb creams/moisturizers, blush, or even lipstick. And like that, by following a few simple steps, it’s easier to attain this look as a beginner or not.

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