What’s up you beauties? The new year is impending and so as the dates as well! And who doesn’t expect a startling compliment whenever we doll ourselves up with all of our efforts? To receive such reactions we need to check up on the latest makeup looks gaining all the hype.

It’s such an easy yet fascinating makeup look that will go with almost all the outfit options you’ll have for the occasion. Bought all the makeup I used to achieve this look from Sephora which is an exceptional retail store having almost every single brand a makeup lover could ever ask for.

I attained this gorgeous smokey eye look just through a single palette, I know it’s hard to believe but yes! It is this incredible palette named

Empowered Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is great for all kinds of neutrals to standout looks, as it has various shades, pigments, and textures. To complete my eye look I added these pretty and feather-like lashes

Weightless False Eyelashes

These false lashes added subtle fullness and volume to my lashes keeping them natural but enhancing their beauty.
You all can use the foundation which you guys already are fond of and blend it into your skin seamlessly. But the bronzer and blush should be your next priority after the eye look.
A chiseled highlighted face and slightly rosy cheeks compliment the smokey eye look the most. To gain that I used and would recommend you all as well to use this all-in-one palette

Face Palettes – All in One Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush

All of the products in it are super easy to blend as they are extremely pigmented. They are feasible for beginners as well.
Furthermore, I kept my lips neutral and slightly glossy and comprehend my entire appearance. And damn we obtained this phenomenon look. I
used the mentioned products but you guys can always search for more in Sephora’s makeup collection.

Enjoy! Stay tuned, will come up with such new looks every time. PEACE OUT!

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