My Trip To Dubai

Hey peeps what’s up, I know vacations have arrived and we all need places to travel. As I was so tensed by the hectic schedule of my work I decide to travel to Dubai and as you all know Dubai is a luxury place so we all need a luxury outfit.
Dubai is also known for its ultra-fast cars, driverless subway, scorching summer heat, and fantastic beaches’, had to go Dubai in a tight budget and revolve made this trip possible by offering products in good quality plus cheap prices.
So this was my peachy beach look

So the first thing is to get a hat, I got my hat from revolve

then I got my glasses from ray ban and wore my hung up necklace to look classy

The main thing is the top; if you want to look impressive you could wear black, I got this from revolve I also wore a blazer on top to complete the look, it looked magnificent .You can check out more blazers on revolve; they are available in all colors and sizes and have a huge discount on them .Last but
not the least I took my bag with me, to put all my essentials .I got my Linked Vegan Leather Turnover Bag from Simon Miller.
First I had some drinks on the bar and then went for a swim. My trip to Dubai was exciting and enjoyable due to revolve. Keep in touch for more travelling blogs. Goodbye ladies.

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